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A Writer's Retreat

If you need to make substantial progress on a writing project, then this workshop is a must for you!


It's time to get moving with your term paper, dissertation, thesis, novel, research project, or other major writing project. And time is exactly what our writers' retreats offer. Retreat participants will engage in brief goal–setting exercises followed by time to write, with Writing Center staff on hand for consultation. Registration is limited to 20 participants for each section, so sign up early.

Intended Audience

Any undergraduate or graduate students who need to make significant progress on a writing project.


4 hours

Schedule for Spring 2017

Friday, 2/3, 1:00–5:00 (Sec.1)
Saturday, 3/4, 9:00–1:00 (Sec.2)
Wednesday, 4/5, 3:00–7:00 (Sec.3)*
Tuesday, 4/18, 6:30–10:30 (Sec. 4)*
Saturday, 4/29, 9:00–1:00 (Sec. 5)

Note: Section 3 will be held in the Historical Reading Room at Ebling Library, and Section 4, especially for undergraduate students, will convene in the Concerto Room (241B) at the Gordon Dining and Event Center.

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