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Writing Personal Statements

Learn how to write convincing and persuasive personal statements for medical, law, and graduate school admission


In this workshop, we'll consider general principles for writing convincing and persuasive essays and statements. We'll also read and discuss samples of successful essays and statements of purpose from graduate and professional program applications with an emphasis on medical and law school applications. Though some material will necessarily apply more to professional program applications than those for graduate programs and vice versa, most of what we'll cover is relevant for personal statements regardless of context.

Intended Audience

This workshop is designed to help students applying to medical and law school but should also be useful to students applying to master's or doctoral programs in the sciences, social sciences, arts, or humanities.


1.5 hours

Schedule for Summer 2014

Wednesday, 6/25, 3:30-5:00 (Sec. 1)

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"Writing Application Essays and Statements of Purpose for Graduate School"


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