Coaching Students to Revise

From Topic to Thesis

Tisha Turk, Gender and Women's Studies, UW-Madison
Students may do a good job of coming up with a suitable thesis or argument, but how can instructors help students to move beyond the obvious or the ordinary? In this handout, instructor Tisha Turk shows her students what she’s thinking as she reads their ideas to help them understand reader expectations

A well-constructed thesis statement helps hold an essay together by showing the reader where the paper is going to go.

In-class Discussions of Student Writing: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Writing Lessons and Minimizing the Class Time You Use for Them

Molly Peeney, Slavic Languages and Literature, UW-Madison
Instructor Molly Peeney gives step-by-step instructions for leading in-class discussions of student writing. She has used the following format for Literature in Translation 204. 

Using student writing samples as the basis of your in-class discussions about writing is an effective method to teach writing and it saves you time. Why?

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