Instructions for a Final Portfolio in a Sociology Course

Tona Williams, Sociology Department, UW-Madison
Having students submit all of their written work for the semester gives this instructor a chance to review each student's progress and remember her feedback much more specifically, all of which she considers when she's determining a final grade.

Instructor: Tona Williams
Lecturer: Prof. Gerald Marwell
Sociology 210--Survey of Sociology


Instructions for Final Portfolio in Sociology




Orienting Students to Writing in a New Discipline: Making a Sociological Argument

Greta Krippner, Sociology Department, UW-Madison
In introductory courses for majors, instructors need to help students learn the basics of conducting research and writing within that particular discipline.  In this handout for students, Greta Krippner explains strategies for making a sociological argument, for developing a sociological research question, and for reading a quantitative research article in sociology.

Of course the method of presentation must differ in form from that of inquiry.”   (Karl Marx, 1867)



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