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Peer Assessment of Research and Review Teams

Brian Manske, Biology 152, UW-Madison
When students work regularly in groups, some instructors find it helpful to have students assess each group member's contributions.  Here's an example of that kind of assessment, from Biology/Botany/Zoology 152 at UW-Madison.

Biology 152: Research and Review Team Peer Assessment Rubric


Bio152 Learning Goal - Develop and apply collegial etiquette and project management skills

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A Collaborative Term Project in Consumer Science

Irena Vida
Professor Irena Vida explain the requirements of a group term paper and presentation. Note that although she gives no explicit directions regarding how the group should divide responsibilities, she does ask students to report back on the contribution of each group member to the final project.

This team project assignment consists of a descriptive and historical account of a major U.S. retail chain with store branches in at least 10 different states. The chain you choose to research can be any company that falls within the definition of retailing in our textbook (traditional retailer, nonstore retailer, service retailer).

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