Conferencing with Your Students

Using Portfolios to Evaluate Student Writing

Kirsten Jamen, WAC Program, UW-Madison
Having students collect and submit portfolios--collections of drafts and finished papers--helps students see themselves as developing writers.

Why Use a Portfolio to Evaluate Student Writing?

Preparing Students for Conferences

Professor Steve Stern, Department of History, UW-Madison
Many instructors find that conferences are more effective when they ask students to come prepared to discuss particular aspects of a paper.  The questions in this example help students prepare for a conference and to give a progress report about their research in class.

History 574:  "Sharing Exercise":  for Presentation of Paper Themes on 10 Nov. 20__, and for Office Hour Discussions of Papers.


1.     If I had to summarize the theme of my historical essay in no more than two or three sentences, I would state:



Preparing for Effective Conferences with Students

Dawn Biehler, Department of Geography
Some of the most effective writing instruction takes place in individual conferences with students.  Here's a step-by-step guide to make the most of your conference time.

One-on-one conferencing yields the best results if you …

        * Prepare well so you can think on your feet during the conference.

        * Convey a strong message to students about the strengths and weaknesses of their draft.

Conducting Conferences with Your Students

Brad Hughes, UW-Madison WAC Program
Conducting Student-Teacher Conferences

Although you're likely to find them time consuming and exhausting, the individual conferences yo

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