The Writing Fellows Program places undergraduates in positions of intellectual leadership, emphasizes the significance of writing skills, and applies the concept of peer mentoring to the process of writing papers. It also creates new opportunities for intellectual exchange between and among students and faculty.

Writing Fellows are assigned to Writing Intensive or Communications-B courses in which they work closely with professors as well as student writers. Fellows read and critique drafts of two formal papers. They write extensive comments designed to identify and explain key areas for revision, seeking to praise what works in a paper and offering suggestions and strategies for revision rather than merely pointing out flaws. After returning these drafts, Fellows meet individually with each writer to discuss revision possibilities and strategies.

Two central beliefs guide this program. The first is that all writers, no matter how accomplished, can improve their writing by sharing work in progress and making revisions based on constructive criticism; the second is that collaboration among student peers is an especially effective mode of learning.