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Important Information

This form does not allow you to save your answers and complete them later.  Please compose and edit your answers in a separate document and then cut and paste them into the application form.

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Personal Information

How did you hear about the Writing Fellows Program? (Please check all that apply.)
A Fellow visited my class
Current Instructor
Former Instructor
A Writing Center tutor
Took a course with Fellows in it

If you selected "Other," please explain:

Part I: Short Answers

  1. List any major extra-curricular activities in which you have been a participant or served in a leadership role. (Restrict yourself to activities since high school unless you have an especially noteworthy or relevant high school experience to include.)

  2. List any honors or awards you have received since high school.

  3. Have you taken a course where you worked with a Writing Fellow? If so, which course and when?

  4. Do you have any teaching or tutoring experience? If so, what kind of experience? Where did you teach/tutor? How long? Whom did you teach/tutor?

Part II: Personal Statement

Write a 500-600 word statement discussing why you want to be a Writing Fellow and what you would like us to know about you. Describe any relevant skills or special perspective you would bring to the program as well as any specific experiences that illustrate your ability to do Writing Fellows work. (Please compose your statement in a separate document and cut and paste it into the box provided.)

Part III: Two Samples of Your Writing

To give us a sense of you as a writer, we would like you to select two academic papers written for two different UW-Madison courses (preferably from two different departments) to share with us. You'll want to select papers that you feel represent your best work. Please be sure to choose pieces of analytical or argumentative writing (feel free to include a lab report as long as it illustrates your analytical writing -- e.g. the Introduction and/or Discussion section.) If you are a transfer student, we request that you submit at least one paper written for a course at UW-Madison. Please do not submit coursework from high school.

Upload two papers using the form below. Your papers must be saved in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Open Document (.odt), rich text (.rtf), or PDF (.pdf) format. Please make sure your name and a title are at the top of the paper before you upload it. In the description box, please provide a description of the assignment and a brief explanation of why you have selected it for us to review. Please try to keep the total number of pages (i.e. the two papers combined) under 20.

Description of Writing Sample 1

Description of Writing Sample 2

Part IV: Transcript

We will need an up-to-date "student record" (unofficial transcript) from each applicant. To request that a student record, please go to My UW and click on Student Center. Under "Academics," select "request student record" from the drop-down menu. It is important that you check the box labelled "include course attributes" in your request. When you receive the record, please upload it using the form below. If you are a transfer student, please submit transcripts from all previous colleges or universities. For information on how to submit non-UW transcripts, please contact Emily Hall.

Part V. Recommendation

Please choose a UW-Madison professor or teaching assistant from whom you have taken a course to write you a letter of recommendation. Your recommender should be familiar with you and your written coursework. Please send your recommender a link to this form. Also, remember to ask for recommendations well in advance--at least two weeks.

If you have any questions about the application process or problems with the application, please contact Emily Hall at