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The Writing Fellows Program is an initiative in the College of Letters and Science designed to improve student writing through peer tutoring. The program prepares selected students from a wide range of majors to serve as peer writing tutors, called Writing Fellows, and assigns them to courses across the curriculum.

Each Fellow, under the guidance of a course professor who has chosen to participate in the program, works closely with 10 to 15 students in a Communications-B or writing-intensive course. Fellows make substantial written comments on drafts of assigned papers and hold individual conferences with students to offer advice for revision.

We are looking for highly motivated, independent, articulate, personable, kind, and diplomatic students. We are most interested in students who are not only successful and enthusiastic writers, but who also are dynamic and intellectually engaged in class discussions, who enjoy working with others, and who will be able to hold their own in conferences with faculty and with student peers.

Please attach your recommendation using the form below. In it, please explain the context in which you know this student's work and comment on this student's ability to fulfill the role described above.

Thank you for your help. Should you have any questions about the program or the kind of student we are looking for, please feel free to contact Emily Hall, Director of the Writing Fellows Program, at or 263-3754.

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