An Outdoor Writer’s Retreat: Walking, Thinking, and Writing

Does relaxing between drafts seem impossible, or even counter-productive? Do you find you think better when moving instead of sitting at your computer? Are you interested in new ways to promote creativity in your writing process? Come to this workshop–designed for writers of all levels–to reflect on your current writing process, engage in a relaxing 45-minute group walk along the Lakeshore Path, and then buckle down to write with a refreshed body and mind. You’ll gain first-hand experience in learning why some of the greatest writers of all time, literary and science-based, attest to walking as a crucial part of their drafting and revision processes. In this alternative-style writer’s retreat, we will explore ways that walking can help focus your attention, build new connections between ideas, reflect on your writerly process, and take advantage of your surrounding environment to take control of your writing.

This workshop can be offered by request of a class or group.

To register for this workshop: Please click on your desired section above which will take you to the Office of Human Resources’ online registration system. You will receive an email confirmation from the UW-Madison Writing Center once the registration goes through.