Thursday Afternoon Writing Group for Students with Disabilities

Meeting time: 1-3 p.m. CT
Format: registered (same attendees each week), plus drop-ins welcome
Mode: online, with potential in-person meeting space available later on
Facilitator: Ellen Cecil-Lemkin

Co-sponsored by the McBurney Disability Resource Center, this writing group offers a supportive community of writers for anyone who identifies as having a mental health concern, Disabled, chronically ill, neurodivergent, and/or are affiliated with the McBurney Center. (Being affiliated with the McBurney Center is not a requirement to join this group.) During our first meeting together, we’ll establish our group’s goals and structure beyond having dedicated time for setting writing goals and writing. Additionally, during the allotted writing time, the facilitator (Ellen) will be available for brief one-to-one conferences with participants to help them think through writing strategies, set goals, brainstorm ideas, and get an outsider’s perspective on their writing. Please note that this group’s first meeting will take place in Week 4 of classes, or on Thursday, February 17.

To be considered for a Spring 2022 writing group, please fill out this form:

Writing Group Interest Form

If you are interested in attending this group and would like information about how to join its Zoom meeting space, please email Ellen Cecil Lemkin.