Wednesday Afternoon Undergraduate Writing Group

Meeting time: 4 to 5:30 p.m. CT
Format: registered (same attendees each week)
Mode: in person
Location: Multicultural Student Center, Red Gym
Facilitator: Chris Kelly

It’s time we all came out and said it. We don’t like writing. It’s hard, often unrewarding, and worst of all, lonely. If you’re looking for a community and setting that understands this, that is willing to share frustrations as often as it is willing to share victories and offer support, this group is for you. This writing group offers a weekly time and space for you to get writing done in the company of a community of fellow undergraduate students. You can choose to work on an extended project such as an undergraduate thesis, on your weekly course assignments, or any kind of writing you’d like. Our time each week will be divided as follows:

First 15 minutes: sharing goals and frustrations
One hour: getting writing done (while also struggling because of course it’s a struggle)
Last 15 minutes: celebrating each other’s victories over writing

The facilitator, Chris, will be available throughout the writing time to talk with you about what you are working on, to answer any questions and, most importantly, to listen about any problems you might be encountering with this work. So, in the writing group you will always have a writing center instructor on hand to discuss your writing every week without having to make an appointment! We hope you’ll consider joining us, and we look forward to supporting you and your writing!

To be considered for a Spring 2022 writing group, please fill out this form:

Writing Group Interest Form

Forms received by Monday, January 31, at 12 p.m. CT will receive priority consideration. Forms received after this date will be considered for additional openings or for our waitlist. 

We will notify you about your writing group assignment by Friday, February 4. Your facilitator will follow up with a welcome message that includes logistical information about your group’s meeting space(s). If you have any questions about our writing groups, please email Jenny Conrad, Writing Groups Coordinator.