Wednesday Evening Graduate Writing Group

Meeting time: 5 to 8 p.m. CT
Format: registered (same attendees each week)
Mode: hybrid, virtual participation with option to gather in our physical space
Location: Helen C. White Hall, 6th floor, and online
Facilitator: Dottie Mayne

This evening graduate writing group is dedicated to providing graduate students with community, accountability, and focused writing time in the most flexible format possible: hybrid, in-person, and virtual. Each week you can decide if you’d like to meet with us in Helen C. White Hall to get some in-person contact, socialization, and peer pressure (because it can be easier to stay on task when other people who know what you’re planning to work on can see your screen). Or you can decide to join us virtually to enjoy the advantages of working wherever you want (because the food you have at home is already paid for and all your books are there too). Regardless of whether you join us in-person or virtually, each week we’ll gather in Zoom for a 15-minute opening where we’ll use a Google Doc to set and share goals and consider a writing or wellness-related prompt in groups. Then we’ll have sustained writing time, during which your facilitator, Dottie, will be available (both in person and virtually) to chat about your work. We’ll close with sharing (on our Google Doc and on Zoom) what we accomplished and consider a question to help us transition away from working and into the rest of our evening.

To be considered for a Spring 2022 writing group, please fill out this form:

Writing Group Interest Form

Forms received by Monday, January 31, at 12 p.m. CT will receive priority consideration. Forms received after this date will be considered for additional openings or for our waitlist. 

We will notify you about your writing group assignment by Friday, February 4. Your facilitator will follow up with a welcome message that includes logistical information about your group’s meeting space(s). If you have any questions about our writing groups, please email Jenny Conrad, Writing Groups Coordinator.