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Use this checklist as a list of reminders while you are editing your paper.

  1. Sentence fragments
  2. Sentence sprawl
  3. Misplaced and dangling modifiers current page arrow
  4. Faulty parallelism
  5. Unclear pronoun reference
  6. Incorrect pronoun case
  1. Omitted commas
  2. Superfluous commas
  3. Comma splices
  4. Apostrophe errors
  5. Words easily confused
  6. Misspellings

3a. The best misplaced and dangling modifiers of all time

  1. Oozing slowly across the floor, Marvin watched the salad dressing.
  2. Waiting for the Moonpie, the candy machine began to hum loudly.
  3. Coming out of the market, the bananas fell on the pavement.
  4. She handed out brownies to the children stored in tupperware.
  5. I smelled the oysters coming down the stairs for dinner.
  6. I brushed my teeth after eating with Crest Toothpaste.
  7. Grocery shopping at Big Star, the lettuce was fresh.
  8. Driving like a maniac, the deer was hit and killed.
  9. With his tail held high, my father led his prize poodle around the arena.
  10. I saw the dead dog driving down the interstate.
  11. Holding a bag of groceries, the roach flew out of the cabinet.
  12. Emitting thick black smoke from the midsection, I realized something was wrong.
  13. The girl was consoled by the nurse who had just taken an overdose of sleeping pills.
  14. I saw an accident walking down the street.
  15. Drinking beer at a bar, the car would not start.
  16. Playing pool in the living room, the radio was turned on by Jim.
  17. Frustrated by diagonal movement, the set was turned off.
  18. Mrs. Daniel sews evening gowns just for special customers with sequins stitched on them.
  19. Although exhausted and weary, the coach kept yelling, “Another lap!”
  20. She carefully studied the Picasso hanging in the art gallery with her friend.
  21. Having an automatic stick shift, Nancy bought the car.
  22. Freshly painted, Jim left the room to dry.
  23. He held the umbrella over Janet’s head that he got from Delta Airlines.
  24. He wore a straw hat on his head, which was obviously too small.
  25. After drinking too much, the toilet kept moving.


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