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MLA Documentation Guide

MLA Documentation Guide

Citing books, articles, and other sources parenthetically in your paper

  • Author's name in text

    Magny develops this argument (67-69).

  • Author's name in reference

    This argument has been developed elsewhere (Magny 67-69).

  • Quotation found in indirect or "secondhand" source

    The philosopher Alain states that "admiration is not pleasure but a kind of attention. . ." (qtd. in Magny 66).

  • Material found in indirect source

    Alain's words seem to dissociate admiration from pleasure (in Magny 66).

  • Two authors' names in reference

    The most notorious foreign lobby in Washington is the "Sugar Mafia" (Howe and Trott 134).

  • Reference to volume and page in multivolume work

    As a painter Andrea was "faultless" (Freedberg 1: 98).

  • Reference to whole volume

    In his second volume, Freedberg gives an account of Andrea's whole painting career.

  • Two works by same author on list of works cited

    Frye connects Burgess' A Clockwork Orange to romance tradition (Secular Scripture 110).

  • Two locations in same source

    Dabundo deals with this problem (22, 31).

  • Two sources cited

    This controversy has been addressed more than once (Dabundo 27; Magny 69).

  • Personal interview; name given in text

    Parsons talked about the need for physical education teachers to understand the relationship between physical activity and fitness.

  • Corporate author

    Many different types of organizations in the United States are involved in mediation and dispute resolution (Natl. Inst. for Dispute Resolution).

  • Electronic source that uses paragraph numbers

    The semiconductor workplace is highly toxic (Ross, par. 35).

  • Electronic source that uses chapter and section numbers

    "Once we start using a tool extensively, it also starts using us" (Rawlins, ch. 1, sec. 1).