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MLA Documentation Guide

Format the MLA Works Cited page

On (a) separate page(s) at the end of your paper, list alphabetically by author every work cited in your paper, using the basic forms illustrated on the previous pages.

List only those sources you actually cited in your paper.

As illustrated on the previous pages, the rule for referring to material in an indirect or secondhand source--that is, for citing when you have not seen the original but have obtained the information from another document that cited the original source--is to list the source your have seen, not the original.


Title the page Works Cited (not Bibliography), at the top of a new page, centered.


All entries should be double-spaced, unless your assignment instructs you otherwise.


Begin an entry at the margin; indent the remaining lines five spaces.

Source Titles

Underline or italicize titles of books, periodicals, films, and television series (but not individual episodes).

Electronic sources

As explained in the sixth edition of the MLA Handbook, a citation for an electronic publication typically has more parts than a citation for a print publication does.

For an electronic source, provide five types of information (as available):

(1) Author's name
(2) Title
(3) Information about print publication
(4) Information about electronic publication
(5) Information about access