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Welcome! If you are a UW–Madison student, then you can bring almost any writing to the Writing Center. Yearly, more than seven thousand students from across the University—from first-year through doctoral students—benefit by talking and working with a Writing Center instructor. Here's what you can do:

...and 4 things you need to know about the Writing Center

Get feedback on your writing

After your visit, you'll leave ready to write or revise!

  • You and your instructor will work together to meet your writing goals
  • Together, we'll review the prompt, plan, or project
  • Together, we'll read and talk about your draft or ideas
  • You'll leave with concrete plans or writing strategies

Here are some examples of what you can do:

Undergraduate Students (New, Transfer, or Advanced) Graduate and Professional Students
Understanding assignments and expectations for academic writing

Writing for specific disciplines—including History, Biology, Psychology, and Literature—and many more

Using sources, citations, quoting, and paraphrasing

Thesis statements, paragraphing, and organization

Internship and study abroad applications

Planning for writing longer research papers

Resumes, cover letters, and business writing

Applications for graduate and professional school, scholarships

Poster presentations

plus many more!
Seminar papers

Planning long-term projects

Revising for publication

Writing and planning for preliminary/qualifying exams

Theses and dissertations

Grant proposals

Poster presentations

Conference presentations

CVs, teaching philosophy statements, and job letters

Literature reviews

plus many more!

Make the most of your visits

Here's how to make the most of your visits:

  • Come early in the semester and come often
  • Know what you want to talk about
  • Bring anything that helps explain the assignment or project
  • Plan time for revision

Make us a regular part of your college experience!

Find a Writing Center location near you

Main location

Your main location is in 6171 Helen C. White Hall.
You can call (608-263-1992) or stop by to make appointments up to 3 weeks in advance.
You can also make appointments yourself through our online scheduler. More information about that process can be found here.
Choose 30 minutes for shorter papers, 1 hour for longer papers!

Click here to learn more about this location and its hours.

Satellite locations

You can find a satellite location close to you.
Your satellite locations provide drop-in 30-minute tutoring sessions.
Show up early! And often!

See our list of 8 locations and their hours.

Check our Twitter feed for satellite availability.


You have 3 online options:

Meet your Writing Center instructors

Your Writing Center instructors are

  • Doctoral level teaching assistants
  • Trained and experienced writing teachers and writers themselves
  • Supportive, professional consultants who take their cues from you
  • Eager to work with you on making your writing projects as successful as humanly possible

Read more about them!

...and 4 things you need to know about the Writing Center

Can the Writing Center work with my course?

Most courses do, but check here to see if your course qualifies for Writing Center instruction.

How often can I visit the Writing Center?

1 hour/week or 2 half-hour sessions/week. You may use up to 1 hour of individual instruction per week for a total of 10 hours of instruction time during a semester. This limit lets us serve as many writers as possible!

Want more? Come to one of our great workshops.

Can I bring my laptop/tablet?

Yes! Please do.

Will the instructor proofread my paper?

You can learn so much about grammar, editing, revising, and proofreading at your Writing Center.

You can learn how to revise and proofread your paper.
You can ask any grammar and editing questions.
And you can learn to do this for yourself.

For additional strategies for addressing grammar and style concerns—and much more—take a look at our Writer's Handbook. You may find it helpful to start with these links:

You may also be interested in our grammar and style workshops.