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How we support you

Encourage Students to Use the Writing Center

You might want to mention the Writing Center service on your writing assignments. (We ask you not to require your entire class to come to the Writing Center, however.) Something like the following works well:

“If you would like some help organizing ideas for your paper or some constructive criticism of a draft, make an appointment to see a Writing Center instructor. ”

Please encourage students to come early in the process of writing a paper. A last-minute visit does not allow adequate time for instruction.

Link to Us

Please share our URL with your students; and if you have a course website, please add a link to the Online Writing Center!

Class Visits & Co-Teaching

Your students are more likely to visit the Writing Center after a member of our staff has made a brief presentation about our services in your class. Every year, we make such presentations in undergraduate and graduate courses across campus.

Click here to learn more about arranging a class visit.


The Writing Center can help students who need intensive work on their writing, but it’s essential to advise such students to set up regular, ongoing appointments with the same instructor.

If you are especially concerned about a student’s writing, please contact the director of the Writing Center, Brad Hughes (263-3823,

Required Visits & Extra Credit

We're eager to have you encourage your students to work with Writing Center instructors, but we ask you not to require your entire class to come to the Writing Center, to give extra credit for coming, or to have us sign attendance verifications.

Our instruction relies on extended dialogue, which requires student-writers to take an active role in conferences. We've found that when students are required to come to the Writing Center (or are coming only to earn some extra credit), they are often less likely to participate in this dialogue and to consider revisions to their drafts, which undermines our ability to teach effectively. As a result, we waste students' time and, because our instructional time is limited, we end up denying appointments to other students who indeed want to come to the Writing Center. We serve the entire student body of the UW-Madison and we're often booked to capacity; we must allocate our resources as fairly as possible across the many different classes taught at this university.

We're happy to work with you to find effective ways to help students excel with the writing assignments in your course.  To explore these options, please contact the director of the Writing Center, Brad Hughes (