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Writing Graduate Research Proposals

Learn strategies for starting, organizing, and obtaining useful feedback on your proposal.


Roll up your sleeves for this hands–on workshop! We'll address strategies for getting a thesis or dissertation proposal started; for organizing your introduction, literature review, and methods sections; and for obtaining useful feedback.

Intended Audience

The workshop is designed for graduate students writing or planning to write proposals for empirical research, especially thesis and dissertation proposals.

Students writing proposals in the humanities (e.g., literature, art, music, history) may benefit from an individual appointment at the Writing Center. Our Dissertator's Primer workshop might also be helpful.


1.5 hours

Schedule for Spring 2017

Friday, 2/10, 1:00–2:30 (Sec. 1)
Tuesday, 3/14, 12:30–2:00 (Sec. 2)

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"Writing Graduate Research Proposals"


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