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Improving Style

This four-week workshop is for those who want to improve their writing style while making their writing clear and accessible to their readers.


This four-week workshop is for those who want to improve their writing style. We'll consider the effects of stylistic variations while we review standards for clear and readable prose. This workshop is especially appropriate for graduates and undergraduates who write about complex ideas, and who want to make these ideas accessible to their readers.

Please Note: This is a fairly advanced class about style. The class is NOT about English grammar; it is not a class about writing in general; it is not a class about organizing papers. It is, instead, for writers who already know how to write grammatically correct sentences in English and who want to learn more about options for writing clearer, stronger, more powerful, more effective, more concise, and more graceful sentences.

The workshop will be interactive and will move quickly—the instructor will introduce some key principles and you will have a chance to apply those principles as you analyze sentences and paragraphs and as you revise sentences. During each class meeting, you will need to participate actively, posing questions and discussing key principles about style. You will also have a chance, in the last class meeting, to share some of your own writing with the full class.

This workshop meets for four weeks, and you must plan on attending all four weeks, and you must come for the full 90 minutes each week.

Intended Audience

Undergraduate or graduate students who are writing for a variety of professors and other audiences, and who want to learn to write mature yet readable prose suited to any writing situation.


6 hours (four 1.5-hour meetings)

Schedule for Spring 2017

Tuesdays, 2/21–3/14, 3:30–5:00 (Sec. 1)
Fridays, 3/31–4/21, 1:00–2:30 (Sec. 2)

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"Improving Style"


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