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About UW-Madison Writing Center Workshops


We have workshops about writing for undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty and staff. Workshops are open to currently enrolled UW-Madison students, staff and faculty, and are offered free of charge.

Please visit our list of workshops to see what workshops we are currently offering. You can also visit our Events Calendar to see workshops' dates and times.

We suggest you sign up only for those workshops that meet your specific needs; these workshops are not designed to substitute for a semester-long writing or ESL course. They do not provide the sustained practice with writing and the critical response that good writing courses do.

To register for a workshop, please fill out the registration form accessible through the link at the bottom of the description page for the course you would like to take. You will receive a confirmation email for your registration within several days.

To attend a workshop, go to the Writing Center main location in Room 6171 of the Helen C. White building. All workshops are held in the vicinity of the Writing Center and the student receptionist on staff will be able to direct you to the specific location when you arrive. We do not offer workshops online.

Plan to arrive to your workshop 10 minutes early. If you would like to register for a workshop and must miss part of it, please email us prior to registering. Workshops are designed to last for the time specified on their description page, and missing part of a class means that you are missing important material.

If you’ve looked through our workshop offerings and haven’t found the workshop that you believe will fit your needs, we’d like to hear from you. We are constantly refining and expanding our workshop offerings and would like to know if there’s a writing topic that we should be addressing.


Workshop Suggestion Form

Please describe what you're looking for in a Writing Center workshop

If you’d like a response, please fill in the following (optional):

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If you’d rather, you can send us email, call, or stop by the Writing Center.

It may be that one of our current offerings will meet your needs. It may be that the topic is best discussed in individual instruction. Or it may be that other students would appreciate our developing a new workshop to address what you have in mind. In any case, we appreciate your taking the time to let us know whether our class offerings meet your needs.