Chasing after an Emerging Genre: Creating a Writing Center Workshop on Diversity Statements

by Antonio A. Byrd

Antonio is a PhD Candidate in Composition and Rhetoric and currently serves as the 2017-2018 Writing Center Assistant Director at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

As this academic year’s assistant director for the UW-Madison Writing Center, I teach a few sections out of more than 70 sections of free non-credit workshops in academic writing for undergraduate and graduate students. The Writing Center has offered these workshops since its inception in 1969, and I’m proud to have contributed to this stellar history by creating a new workshop this year simply called “Writing Diversity Statements for the Academic Job Market.” More and more universities are asking for diversity statements to hire academic staff who are willing to contribute to universities’ commitment to equality, equity, and inclusiveness. Many UW-Madison graduate students themselves have encountered prompts asking for such statements.

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