Unexpected Power Boost: Persona 5 & Writing Center Tutoring

By Niccole Carner

Niccole holds a Ph.D. in Theatre and Drama from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Run-of-the-mill Writing Center shift selfie (mostly to document my plaid-on-plaid ensemble).

When I began working at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center this past fall (2017), I was in the midst of my first play-through of Persona 5, a Japanese role-playing game developed by Atlus Games for the PlayStation 4. My approach to the first weeks of teaching was subtly and inadvertently influenced by the mechanics of this game, which were constantly on my mind. The phenomenon was not new to me, in fact, I had been in this state of video game hyper-association before when revising my dissertation. I knew a few things for certain: 1) I would lose a lot of sleep prioritizing finishing the game as soon as possible, and 2) I would learn a lot from this game, and the (borderline) obsession would shape my approach to teaching and writing. [[Want to read more about framing academic work in terms of nerdy games? Check out this great article on grad school and D&D.]] Continue reading