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The Writing Center Computer Classroom is available to teachers and staff in the English department on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please use links on the right to check for availability, and then use the form below to reserve the classrom.

If you would like to reserve several dates at once, please indicate the first date in the "date you'd like to reserve" space and list the rest in the "please describe what you plan to do" text box.

Teachers in other humanities departments will be accommodated if possible and should contact the classroom coordinator before filling out the request form.




Computer Classroom Reservation Form
(* = required information)
Your Name *
Your Email Address *
Class or Event *
Date you'd like to reserve the room: * Time 
Second Choice: Time 
Please describe what you plan to do in the computer classroom 
(include additional date reservations here)
What applications or equipment will you need?

Word Processing
Chat Software
web browser(s)
MOO clients
Computer Projector

Overhead Projector
Digital Camera
Document Camera
Other (describe above)
What assistance will you require? Planning for the class
Training on a particular application or use of the room
Technical support present during class 
Team-teaching with experienced tech teacher

For more information on using the computer classroom, contact Brad Hughes.


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