Samples from You!

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We’re eager to showcase CS/CR writing center simulations that you’ve created! If you have a sample simulation for writing center tutor education that you’ve created with CS/CR Builder and had success with, please share it with us, using the contact information on the top right of this page. In your email to Brad Hughes (Director of the Writing Center and Director of Writing Across the Curriculum at the University of Wisconsin-Madison), please say which school, college, or university you’re from, explain briefly the audience and goals for your sample simulation, include a link to a publicly available website where you’ve published your simulation, and include contact information so that others who are interested can write to you. We’ll then post your sample and your explanation in this “Samples” section.

Samples from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center

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Here are two sample simulations we’ve designed for you to try out.

The first is a fairly straightforward simulation designed to help new tutors learn about getting started working with an undergraduate student-writer, setting an agenda collaboratively, understanding the central task in a writing assignment, reading a draft critically and charitably, and choosing methods for working on planning revisions.  This simulation is designed to illustrate some of the various ways to use CS/CR Builder, including multiple kinds of feedback (from a mentor and non-verbal and verbal feedback from the student-writer), different kinds of questions or decision points (including critical-reader activities with questions about a text, and including open-ended questions leading to an online discussion for a tutor-education class), and dialogue, pdf files, images, and video clips.


Working with a Writer from an Introductory Visual Culture Course




The second illustrates a very different use of CS/CR Builder.  Using CS/CR’s tab feature, this simulation helps new tutors understand and name different strategies they can choose to handle three different challenging conference openings.  The goal here is exploration and understanding–not getting through or completing a narrative simulation.


Challenging Conference Beginnings




Samples from Other Disciplines at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

There’s lots to learn from these well-designed simulations, all created with CS/CR Builder, from various disciplines at UW-Madison, including medicine, French, and international public health: