6th annual Writing Center Summer Institute IWCA
July 12-17, 2009
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA   USA


Questions You’ve Asked and We’ve Answered:

1. What can I do in Philly?  Where can I eat?  What should I visit?
2. I’m a foodie. Where can I eat?
3. Is Camille Paglia still around?
4. Is Giovanni’s Room still open?
5. Is the humidity as bad as I remember? What’s the temperature like?
6. Is Temple safe after dark?
7. Would anyone be interested in coming to a Phillies game with me on July 11? It starts around 1900 that night. (Scott B)
8. Are there times we’ll be doing group siteseeing? What nights are free?

Rebekah's Choose Your Own Adventure (a fun FAQ including answers to questions we wish you'd asked!)


Q. What can I do in Philly?  Where can I eat?  What should I visit?

A. Have no fear.  We’re collecting “Top Five” lists from our favorite colleagues in the following categories:

*Tourist Sites
*Restaurants (inexpensive)
*Venues (this category is for all things Arts/Theatre/Historical/Museum/Sports, etc—read venues loosely)
*Don’t Bother

We’ll be posting everyone’s picks as soon as we get them.  We’re hoping a wide variety of people will give you a wide variety of choices for what you choose to explore while in Philadelphia.

Q. I’m a foodie.  Where can I eat?

A. Foodie folk looking for good eats, check out Philadelphia Magazine’s Top 50. Most of these are within a short travel of Temple.

Q. Is Camille Paglia still around?

A. Yes, she teaches at University of the Arts, but I don’t know how “around” that makes her.

Q. Is Giovanni’s Room still open?

A. Yes, Giovanni’s Room is still open.  It’s located at 345 South 12th Street (easily accessible from SEPTA and Temple).  You can visit the Giovanni's Room website for more information.

Q. Is the humidity as bad as I remember?  What’s the temperature like?

A. What?  Humidity?  Only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Hopefully it will be nice, sunny, and not too hot and humid.  Just remember, it’s worse in August.

July in Philadelphia can average between the 70s to the 90s.  It will probably be in the mid 80s and probably won’t get much colder than 65 at night.  There’s also a potential for rain, depending on the weather patterns. 

We suggest you come prepared for hot, summer days with the potential for rain and humidity.  The city can get hot and sticky, especially during the day.

Q. Is Temple safe after dark?

A. Like all major cities, Philadelphia has certain areas that are more “user friendly” than others.  I like to say that no matter where you are, you have the potential to not be in a “safe” space, but I know this does not quash all fears.

Temple University does have the 3rd largest police force in the state, that’s right, the state.  We even outnumber the police force of Pittsburgh.  Temple’s security is also very accessible and accommodating.  They will walk you anywhere you need to go on campus.  The campus dorm and hotel have 24 hour security service and the campus is well lit.

As for Philadelphia, Center City and Old City (where most events you will probably go to are located) areas are relatively safe most of the time.  There are people around at all times, police out and about, and you should be able to find assistance at any time, day or night. 

If you’re headed somewhere and you want to make sure it’s not too sketchy for your taste, just ask.  We’ll be happy to tell you whether or not it’s even worth the trip. If you don’t feel comfortable going out alone at night, feel free to ask one of us “natives” to go out with you. 

Q. Would anyone be interested in coming to a Phillies game with me on July 11? It starts around 1900 that night. (Scott B)

A. If you’re interested in hitting up a Phillies game with Scott on Saturday night, contact him via email: scott.baxter@gmail.com.  The Phils (World Series champs that they are) will be on All-Star break part of the week, but they will be in town Saturday night and Sunday afternoon playing the Pirates.  Citizen’s Bank Park is beautiful and a great place to catch a game.  If you’re hanging around into the following week, they’ll be getting pounded by the Cubbies Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (July 20th-22nd).

Q. Are there times we’ll be doing group siteseeing?  What nights are free?

A. The short answer to these questions is yes and yes.  We are planning two group events, one which is paid for by the SI, the other which you can choose to attend and pay for on your own.  We’re working on securing the events, days, time, and price, but they will most likely occur on Tuesday and Wednesday evening of the SI. There will also be a number of things you can choose to do, or not to do, the other days of the week.