Applying for the MWCA Scholarship & Travel Grants, Fall 2011

The Executive Board of the Midwest Writing Centers Association is pleased to announce awards to support the scholarship, service, and conference participation of both student and professional MWCA members.

MWCA Scholarship & Travel Grant awards are offered to undergraduate, graduate, and professional writing center consultants and staff who are attending or presenting their research and scholarship at IWCA, NCPTW, or the MWCA conferences. This fall, Scholarship & Travel Grants of $300 will be awarded to support travel for student and professional members who plan on attending the 2011 MWCA Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, on October 20-22, 2011. Conference registration fees (up to $80 for students and $150 for professionals) will also be reimbursed. All undergraduate, graduate, and professional student writing consultants and staff who are attending or presenting at the conference are encouraged to apply for funding.


Applicants must be undergraduate students, graduate students, or professionals currently working in MWCA member writing centers. The MWCA board especially welcomes applications from members of underrepresented groups (people from underrepresented groups may self-identify on the required application form), and people who have never presented at or attended a regional conference or the IWCA or NCPTW conferences.

Because MWCA grants are competitive and awarded based on the degree to which the proposal meets the criteria described below, applicants are not guaranteed funding. The number of grants we award depends on the funding available to the MWCA and the quality of applications. This year, we anticipate being able to award six student grants and two professional grants.


Using the MWCA Profile website, interested applicants must complete an application form and a letter of application (approximately 3000 characters), addressed to the MWCA Board, discussing how the applicant's experiences working in writing centers, including daily consulting/tutoring, research, and/or administrative work, make the applicant a good candidate for a Scholarship & Travel Grant. Good candidates are people who, through their letters, demonstrate

The audience for the letter — members of the MWCA Board — are writing center professionals from a variety of educational settings who must award funding to candidates based solely upon what appears in the letter. Frequently, the Board receives over five times as many letters as it has awards to give. Therefore, a letter that appears not to have been carefully composed is unlikely to win funding.

Additional considerations:

Deadlines & process

MWCA invites applications for Scholarship & Travel Grant awards throughout the year; typically, there is no specific deadline for applications. However, for consideration for the 2011 MWCA Regional Conference, Scholarship & Travel Grant applications should be submitted through the MWCA Profile by September 30, 2011, with notification of awards via e-mail by October 10th and presentation of the grant at the MWCA open meeting to be held during the conference. The Travel Grant Application portion of MWCA Profile will be open beginning on August 15, 2011.