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The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Writing Center central mission is to help undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines become more effective, more confident writers. In support of this mission, as well as our committment to serving city of Madison community members and others interested in or in need of help with writing, we have developed, and are continuing to develop, a number of new resources or "access points" — dedicated to the University’s pursuit of excellence in teaching, research, and service.

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Another Word: from the UW-Madison Writing Center

Our blog, Another Word, launched in the fall of 2009. We hope to use the blog as a platform of participation and publishing for the writing center community. We plan to deliver not only new content such as podcasts and writing tips but also give the writing center community, students, and city of Madison community members a space to talk (write) about writing.


We began using Twitter in the fall of 2008 and primarily post "tweets" regarding openings during the day at the main Writing Center location in Helen C. White Hall and during the evenings at our satellite locations and online "chat" instruction. Students can subscribe to our Twitter feed to receive up-to-date information about opening.

Podcasts & iTunesU

We began producing podcasts in 2007 through the support of an Engage Podcasting Plus Grant and an Impact Grant from the Division of Information Technology at UW-Madison, and we deeply appreciate the expertise of Blaire Bundy, Jasun Carr, Luiz Lopes, Michelle Glenetski, and Jan Cheetham. Our podcasts cover a range of topics — from introductions to MLA and APA documentation styles to writing center pedagogy as well as interviews with writing studies scholars such as Deborah Brandt. You can listen (download) podcasts directly from our website or subscribe through iTunesU.

If you have any problems viewing video podcasts, you can also find them on our YouTube channel.


We began using YouTube in the fall of 2008 to add another access point to our Writing Center resources. YouTube enables us and anyone else to easily embed our videos into webpages. If, for example, you are teaching a writing-intensive course using APA, please feel free to share our An Introduction to APA documentation video with your students. (Note: more in-depth information on APA can be found in our Writer's Handbook.)