The Writing Center @ The University of Wisconsin - Madison

About Writing Center Outreach


The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Writing Center's mission is to help undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines become more effective, more confident writers. In support of this mission, we offer what we call "outreach" as part of our Writing Across the Curriculum program and dedication to the University’s pursuit of excellence in teaching, research, and service.

Please read below for more information about Writing Center Outreach. Or click on the links in the left navigation bar to go directly to information about specific types of outreach or the process of scheduling a visit.

Brief Introductions to Writing Center Services

Each semester Writing Center instructors make brief outreach presentations in many courses that include writing assignments. During such a presentation, a Writing Center instructor explains how Writing Center instruction can help students as they work on course papers and encourages students to take advantage of Writing Center instruction, i.e., face-to-face and one-on-one instruction in our main location and satellites, online instruction, classes, and information about writing on our website.

To help the Writing Center instructor prepare for the class visit, she or he will also ask you specifically about what writing activities your students are doing and what concerns about writing you and your students have.

"Co-Teaching" in Your Classroom

Writing Center instructors can also visit your undergaduate or graduate class to teach a brief unit on writing customized for your students. In classes, the instructor will work closely with the professor or TA of the course to construct a lesson on writing specifically geared for the writing students are expected to do. This typically requires planning through email or phone or face-to-face meetings with the Writing Center instructor. The expectation is that the course instructor will play an active role in both developing the lesson and the teaching when the WC instructor visits.

Group Meetings

Our instructors also visit events offered by various campus departments and programs such as International Academic Programs and the Graduate Student Collaborative to teach about a wide variety of writing.

New Student Orientations

Each fall our instructors attend many new student orientation sessions and either give a brief, one-time introduction to Writing Center services or operate an information booth alongside many other campus organizations and groups. Instructors bring with them a wide variety of handouts about our various services and speak with students about using the Writing Center.

Scheduling a Visit

Scheduling a visit is easy. However, we recommend making your request as early as possible in the semester. We will do our best, but due to our limited resources, we may not be able to fulfill all requests as the semester progresses.

The process is as follows: (1) Fill out the request form; (2) the Outreach Coordinator will confirm via email your request and inform you that she or he is arranging for an instructor to work with you; (3) once a instructor is found, that instructor will contact you directly to schedule and plan for the visit.