Current Survey

Here is the current version of the PWTARP survey, which we have developed over several pilot drafts. We strongly recommend that you read the Survey Overview before examining the survey.

You may format it for paper mailing by creating additional space after the questions that call for written responses.

If you would like to have this survey as a Word document, please contact any one of us and we will be glad to attach it to an email:

Harvey Kail, University of Maine
Paula Gillespie, Florida International University
Brad Hughes, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Current PWTARP Survey:

Demographic Information

Your name:______________________________________________

Your email address:_________________________________________

Today’s date:

What is your age?_____

What is your gender?___

When did you graduate?_______

What was (were) your major(s)?________

Have you pursued any additional education after graduation? Please specify degree(s) and institution(s). If you are currently a graduate student, please specify institution and degree.

How many semesters or terms did you tutor in the Writing Center/Writing Fellows Program ?_____

Did you take a credit-bearing tutor training/education course as an undergraduate?


What other forms of tutor development did you participate in (please check all that apply)?

____regular staff meetings
____regional or national conferences
____summer workshops
____social events
____other (please specify)

What occupation(s) have you pursued since graduation?

Reflections on Your Tutoring Experience:

1. What are the most significant abilities, values, or skills that you developed in your work as a peer writing tutor? Please list them.

2. Of the abilities, values, or skills that you listed above, would you illustrate those that strike you as most meaningful by sharing an episode or event that took place during your time as a tutor or a trainee?

3. Did those abilities, values or skills that you developed as a peer tutor seem to be a factor in your choice of job or graduate work? Would you elaborate?

4. Did these qualities seem to play a role in your interviewing, in the hiring process, or in acceptance to graduate school? How do you come to that conclusion?

Would you rate the importance of your training and/or experience as a tutor in the interviewing or hiring process for your first job?

5                    4                    3                    2                    1

Very influential                                                          Not influential

5. Do any of the qualities you listed in question one play a role in your social or family relationships? Can you give an example?

6. In your occupations(s), have you used the qualities you developed as a writing tutor, if at all? Would you elaborate? Give an example?

Would you rank the importance for your occupation of the skills, qualities, or values you developed as a tutor?

5                    4                    3                    2                    1

Highly important                                                       Unimportant

7. To what extent do you think your own writing has been influenced by your experience as a writing tutor? Please explain.

To what extent has your writing been influenced by your training and/or work as a tutor?

5                    4                    3                    2                    1

Very influenced                                                          Not influenced

8. What have you learned from working with the writing of others? Please elaborate or provide an example.

9. Were there any downsides to your experience as a peer writing tutor? Please elaborate.

10. Would you please rate the importance your writing center training and experience as you developed as a university student?

5                    4                    3                    2                    1

Highly important                                                        Unimportant

Please explain your rating.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to respond to this survey. I will keep you informed about the results.