Summer Writing Mentorships

Testimonials from students who have had a Writing Mentorship: 

“The most effective aspect of the mentorship included receiving guidance on setting up the questions of the chapter and ensuring that I focus on weaving the argument throughout the paper. It was also very helpful to have a weekly check-in (which required meeting goals for each session). This program is probably the best program that I’ve found for writing dissertations. I honestly have no idea where I would be right now without it. Not only have I made significant progress on my dissertation since I started this program six months ago but I have also become much more confident about sharing my research with others and with reading aloud my work. I went into this program with hope to get some feedback on my chapters but I have gained a lot more.”  

“It was a wonderful semester and I had great progress. To be honest, when I started my mentorship I never thought I would be able to accomplish so much like I did. I finish my entire literature review (50 pages), my introduction, chapter 5, and part of chapter 3 in only 2 months of mentorship!!!!”