About Us

The Program in Writing Across the Curriculum
University of Wisconsin-Madison

For faculty, instructional staff, and teaching assistants across the university.

The University’s Writing-Across-the-Curriculum (WAC) Program is eager to help you think about effective and creative ways to incorporate writing and speaking assignments into your courses at all levels and in all disciplines. Over 1800 faculty and teaching assistants at UW-Madison have attended WAC workshops or consulted with WAC staff.  Among the many topics we could discuss in an individual consultation--

  • designing writing and speaking assignments that match your learning goals for students
  • connecting your assignments to the essential learning outcomes for liberal education
  • expanding your repertoire of writing and speaking assignments, including brief, low-stakes writing
  • incorporating writing and speaking assignments into introductory courses, FIG courses, laboratory courses, or advanced courses for majors and for graduate students
  • sequencing assignments effectively
  • clarifying your expectations for assignments and communicating those expectations to students
  • anticipating problems students may have with particular assignments
  • using proven methods for improving the quality of students' papers
  • designing digital assignments, including blogs, podcasts, videos, wikis, websites . . .
  • developing evaluation criteria for assignments
  • designing assignments that reduce the risk of plagiarism
  • responding effectively and efficiently to student writing and speaking
  • working with the Writing Center and with the Writing Fellows program
  • mentoring teaching assistants learning to give feedback on writing and speaking assignments
  • developing communication-b and writing-intensive courses
  • integrating writing and speaking experiences systematically across your department's undergraduate curriculum
  • incorporating writing and speaking activities into your department's assessment plans for the major
  • solving specific teaching challenges you've faced

The Writing-Across-the-Curriculum (WAC) Program publishes a sourcebook for faculty and instructional staff, with c. 300 pages of advice and successful examples of writing and speaking assignments drawn from courses across the University.  The WAC program also offers workshops every semester on designing writing assignments, on responding to and evaluating student writing, and on holding conferences with students to discuss papers in progress.  We develop and lead custom workshops for faculty, instructional staff, and TAs within departments across campus. And we partner with MTLE and the Delta program to offer additional workshops for faculty, instructional staff, and TAs.

For more information, please contact:
Brad Hughes
Director, Writing Across the Curriculum
Director, The Writing Center
Department of English
University of Wisconsin-Madison
6187F Helen C. White Hall
600 North Park Street
Madison, WI  53706  USA
Kathleen Daly
Assistant Director, Writing Across the Curriculum
Instructor, The Writing Center
Department of English
Composition and Rhetoric Program
University of Wisconsin-Madison
6139 Helen C. White Hall
600 North Park Street
Madison, WI  53706