Instructions for a Final Portfolio in a Sociology Course

Tona Williams, Sociology Department, UW-Madison
Having students submit all of their written work for the semester gives this instructor a chance to review each student's progress and remember her feedback much more specifically, all of which she considers when she's determining a final grade.

Instructor: Tona Williams
Lecturer: Prof. Gerald Marwell
Sociology 210--Survey of Sociology


Instructions for Final Portfolio in Sociology




Please resubmit all of the papers (this excludes the weekly quizzes, library assignment and peer editing assignment) that you have written throughout the semester. Submit only the final drafts. You may fasten them together with a rubber band; no additional binder is necessary.


This will allow me to review your work, your progress, and my comments to you. Though I will rely primarily on the previously recorded grades, this portfolio will assist in determining your final grade.


Bring this to class on Tuesday, May 6. We will set a meeting time during finals week for you to collect your work and see your final grade. This will be announced in class on May 6.


In addition, I would like to photocopy a few of your assignments so that I may share them with students who will take this or similar classes in the future. However, I will not copy anything without your permission, and I will remove your name from any papers if you want the work to remain anonymous.


The following is the list of paper assignments that you should resubmit. For each, indicate whether I may photocopy it, and if you would prefer that I remove your name before I share it with other students (though I would like to give you credit as the author of your work!).



                                                          May I photocopy it?                  Should I remove your name?

Include Assignments: 

Focus Group Paper                           yes / no                                                  yes/no

Deviance Paper                                 yes / no                                                  yes/no

Book Summary and Critique           yes / no                                                  yes/no

Final Research Report                      yes / no                                                  yes/no