Current Communication-B Courses at UW-Madison

Based on a Timetable search, this list details the Communication-B course offerings for the Fall 2011 semester at UW-Madison.

African Languages and Literature 201, Introduction to African Language and Literature, Waliaula

Asian American Studies 220, Ethnic Movements in the U.S., Oliver (with Sociology 220)

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 171, Global Change: Atmospheric Issues and Problems, Desai (with Environmental Studies 171)

Biology 152, Introductory Biology, Gammie, Spalding, Turner (with Botany 152 and Zoology 152)

Biology Core Curriculum 302, Evolution, Ecology, and Genetics Lab, Batzli and McGee

Botany 152, Introductory Biology, Gammie, Spalding, Turner (with Biology 152 and Zoology 152)

Botany 330, Algae, Graham, Trest

Chemistry 346, Intermediate Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Hill, Schomaker

Classics 320, Civilization of Ancient Greece, McClure

Communication Arts 262, Theory and Practice of Argumentation and Debate, Charmaz

Communication Arts 266, Theory and Practice of Group Discussion

Communication Arts 272, Intro-Interpersonal Communication, Toma

Community and Environmental Sociology 210, Survey of Sociology, Conti (with Sociology 210)

Counseling Psychology 650, Theory and Practice in Interviewing, Fishell

Curriculum and Instruction 305, Integrating the Teaching of Reading with Other Language Arts

Curriculum and Instruction 369, The Teaching of Language Arts

Dance Program 200, Writing Dance Performance, Harris

Engineering Professional Development 397, Technical Communication, Grossenbacher, Matta, Nathans-Kelly, Nicometo, Ross

English 169, Introduction to Modern American Literature, Bradley

English 181, Freshman Honors Seminar: Meaningful Monsters, Bernstein

English 201, Intermediate Composition

English 203, Creative Writing: Beginning Fiction and Poetry

English 236, Bascom Course: Orality, Literacy, and Digitality

English 300, Creative Writing: Fiction and Poetry Workshop

Folklore 100, Introduction to Folklore

Geography 101, Intro to Human Geography

History 200: Historical Studies: China and the Environment; Crusades: Violence and Religion; Native Americans and White Expansion, Sharpless; The Korean War; July 14 and the Coming of the Great War, McDonald

Integrated Liberal Studies 200, Critical Thinking and Expression, Hunt, Wood

Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Ecology 130, Community Newswriting

Journalism and Mass Communication 201, Intro to Mass Communication, Hull

Kinesiology 316, Adapted Physical Activity, Haynes, Gattenby

Kinesiology 521, Physical Activity and Health, Ward

Kinesiology 600, Advanced Exercise Psychology, Koltyn

Languages and Cultures of Asia 236, Bascom Course: Culture and Imperialism Along the Silk Road, Schamiloglu

Library and Information Studies 201, The Information Society, Downey

Life Sciences Communication 111, Science and Technology Newswriting, Smith

Life Sciences Communication 212, Introduction to Scientific Communication, Seely, Flaherty

Life Sciences Communication 360, Information Radio, Meiller

Linguistics 236, Bascom Course, Macaulay

Literature In Translation 203, 19th and 20th Century Russian Literature in Translation I, Kornblatt

Literature in Translation 226, Introduction to Luso-Afro-Brazilian Literature, Madureira

Literature in Translation 271, Masterpieces of Scandinavian Literature: Middle Ages-1900, Mellor (with Scandinavian Studies 373)

Literature in Translation 275, The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen, Allen

Philosophy 341, Contemporary Moral Issues

Portuguese 361, Portuguese Civilization, Sapega

Psychology 225, Experimental Psychology, Addington, Hendricks, Winston

Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education 501, Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology: Applications

Scandinavian Studies 373, Masterpieces of Scandinavian Literature: From the Middle Ages to 1900, Mellor (with Literature in Translation 271)

Scandinavian Studies, 375 The Writings of Hans Christian Andersen, Allen (with Literature in Translation 275)

Sociology 210, Survey of Sociology, Conti (with Community and Environmental Sociology 210)

Sociology 220, Ethnic Movements in the U.S., Oliver (with Asian American Studies 220)

Theatre and Drama 120, Introduction to Theatre and Dramatic Literature, Hunt

Zoology 152, Introductory Biology, Gammie, Spalding, Turner (with Biology 152 and Botany 152)