General Principles for Responding and Evaluating

Options for Commenting on Student Papers

Learning to comment effectively on student writing requires that we know and critically examine various options for commenting. These pages illustrate common commenting strategies.

Responding to Student Drafts Using Audio

Annette Vee, English Department, UW-Madison
TA Annette Vee offers an alternative to written feedback on student drafts. She advocates recording audio feedback to achieve a conversational, engaged, and still-thoughtful exchange with students.

It's relatively easy to record an audio file and send that to your students as an attachment to an email, to post that file to your course management software or course website.

Responding to Student Writing

Brad Hughes, UW-Madison WAC Program
Some suggestions for course instructors about responding to student writing effectively and efficiently.
  1. Frontload your efforts so that what you have to respond to is better than it would be otherwise and so that students learn more: 
  • clarify your expectations an
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