Conference with a Writing Fellow

Welcome to the Program

Welcome to the Writing Fellows Program! This teaching and learning initiative, co-sponsored by the Writing Center and the College of Letters and Science Pathways to Excellence Project, places undergraduates like you in positions of intellectual leadership, in which you serve as role models for your peers, gain invaluable experience in writing and reading, and work together to improve the quality of writing instruction on campus. We're delighted that you have accepted this challenge.

As a Writing Fellow, you will:

  • Meet with professors
  • Go to your assigned class to meet the students
  • Collect, read, and comment on student drafts
  • Schedule and conduct one-on-one conferences with students
  • Treat student writing with respect and confidentiality
  • Conduct yourself with promptness and professionalism when interacting with professors and students
  • Be willing and eager to define and explain your role as a Writing Fellow to the students with whom you work
  • Attend required staff meetings and ongoing education sessions
  • Be an ambassador for the program