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Words on a black background read, "Language matters. Saying it matters. Black Lives Matter."

In these times, and in this place, we are called to reflect on what we in the Writing Center have done and still can do to act against anti-Black racism and reflect our firm commitments to social justice. Caring for all students is our personal and professional priority, and as such, we remain dedicated to supporting Black lives. We unequivocally stand against police brutality in our communities and against the systemic violence that Black students have endured on campus, in classrooms, and in the Writing Center.

The Writing Center seeks to foster educational equity and is committed to social justice and inclusivity; however, we are coming to terms with the reality that these efforts are not enough. As part of an academic institution, we have been complicit in harm against students of color and have perpetuated anti-Black racism in our role as a gatekeeper of academic writing, which oftentimes perpetuates linguistic injustice. In response to calls to action from students within our department and across campus, we are rethinking our core practices and building on our recent inclusivity initiatives in order to decenter whiteness and center Black epistemological knowledge and practices. We will work to promote educational equity, foster social justice, and undo systems of oppression throughout the work that we do. We look forward to communicating more about these initiatives and practices as they progress.