Writing Center Appointment Schedule Errors

If you have come across this page while trying to login to Writing Center’s appointment schedule, please follow the instructions below to resolve the issue.

  • Open your internet browser in a “Private” session and then try to follow the link here: http://dept.writing.wisc.edu/wconline/interconnect.php
  • Make sure that you have your MFA Duo authentication setup for your account. If you do not you will not be able to use your NETID.

NOTE: If you need to cancel an appointment or set up an appointment because you cannot access our appointment schedule, chat with us or email wcenter@writing.wisc.edu during Writing Center hours.

If you still are not able to access our appointment schedule after following these steps, please contact our information technology staff at support@english.wisc.edu. NOTE: IT staff only works to solve the issue of technology and will not cancel or set up appointments outside of Writing Center hours.

Waitlist Errors

If you were on the waitlist and received notification that an appointment has opened, you may have reached this error page because someone else has already taken the appointment.